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May 8th 1945 - VE Day.   Chapter 1   EVERYTHING WILL BE BETTER - 1945   “Everything will be better when the war is over.” If I heard my mother say those words once, I must have heard her say them a thousand times. They were the constant, inspirational rallying cry, which helped our little family through some of the darker days of World War 2. I heard her shout them loudly, nervously and repeatedly as we huddled together, shivering with fear, in that tiny cupboard under the stairs whilst the very first German bombs of the Bristol blitz exploded around us. I heard her whisper them quietly in my ear as she tenderly kissed my head, and roughly rubbed the Wintergreen ointment onto my troubled chest. I heard her speak them softly but reassuringly as she knelt at my feet before applying the Zam-Buk to the fiery chilblains on my toes. I heard her murmur them, almost silently, as we giggled uneasily whilst we hid under the dining table to avoid the prying eyes of